Algeciras Fair 2024: A Celebration of Culture and Joy

The Algeciras Fair 2024, a vibrant celebration, will take place from Saturday, June 22, to Saturday, June 29, 2024.

Festive Days During the Fair 2024

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, June 26, a public holiday coinciding with both the fair and the celebration of Women’s Day.

Algeciras Parade 2024

Experience the excitement on June 29 as the Announcing Parade of the Royal Fair 2024 winds through the streets. Starting from the Port of Algeciras (Parking near the oasis) and the Virgen del Carmen Avenue, it will proceed to the Millennium Roundabout. The Queen will lead the way to the entrance, marking the inauguration of the Extraordinary Lighting of the Fairground.

Accompanied by lively bands and musical ensembles, the parade contributes to the festive atmosphere, making it one of the most anticipated days of the fair.

Parade Start Time

The Announcing Parade of the Algeciras Fair 2024 kicks off at 7:30 PM. Expect it to reach the fairground area later and conclude with the spectacular lighting of the fair at a later hour.

Lighting Ceremony Time

The lighting is scheduled for midnight, although there might be a slight delay if the parade extends.

Sunday Sevillanas

Enjoy the traditional Sunday Sevillanas, following the night of parades, starting at noon in the Fairground.

Women’s Day

As mentioned earlier, Women’s Day will be celebrated on Wednesday, June 26, a major day during the fair. Join the festivities in the booths starting from noon, attracting attendees not only from Algeciras but also from nearby towns.

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